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Why You Should Facebook Live

June 13, 2019 by admin in Uncategorized

Why You Should Facebook Live

Are you looking for new ways to engage with your customer base and bring in new customers?

Does developing content to market your products or services take forever?

Are you running out of ideas of ways to creatively interact with your target market and get feedback from them informing you what they want to see?

Then, Facebook Live is for you! Here’s why:

Quick, Simple Way to Generate Brand Awareness
Have a new product or service launching? Want to give your customers a behind-the-scenes peek?

Facebook Live allows you to generate brand awareness and give your customers insight into your brand’s values and purpose. Plus, it enables you to inform your customers and target market about your brand with a click of the button.

Engagement with Customers/Followers
Since you can use Facebook Live to broadcast important content from your brand at any time, it allows you to have real-time interactions from your customers. Meaning that during the video, you can gather feedback, ask questions, and seek out what interests your customers. And, you can use that information to inform your future Facebook Live endeavors.

More importantly, you get to release relevant content in real-time and establish genuine connections with your customer base.

Saves Money
One of the biggest benefits to small (and large) businesses is that Facebook Live is free. And, your videos will be saved to your Facebook page–and you can link them later–to garner more interactions, comments, and feedback on your content. Additionally, you can do it all with your smartphone!

Drives Traffic to Your Facebook Page
Because your customers feel connected to you and your brand when you engage with them using Facebook Live, they keep coming back. And, since it is so simple to do, you can post live videos regularly which keeps your customers coming back to your page and interacting with your brand.

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