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Why Marketing isn’t One Size Fits All

August 3, 2019 by admin in Uncategorized

Why Marketing isn’t One Size Fits All

We often want a tried and true marketing strategy; unfortunately, a one-size-fits-all approach likely won’t prove as successful as you might hope. 


Your Business is Unique

Create a marketing plan that shows off your company’s unique personality. A successful marketing strategy captures your business’s style, values, story  and vision. 

You want to engage your customers, so why not integrate your customers’ interests in your marketing strategy? You want them to trust you. To do that, show them they can count on you, tell them your why, and motivate them to overcome their challenges. And, furthermore, you want to inspire your target audience. Communicate your company’s values and include your customers whenever possible.

Therefore, your marketing strategy must be unique to your business; copy-cat strategies just won’t work. 

Make it Work for You

The key to a successful marketing strategy is that it works for you and speaks to your target market. 

First, your marketing strategy must be something that you can maintain over time. When making your marketing schedule, mix it up to avoid boredom from both you and your target market.

Secondly, think about cost-effective communications that will generate the most leads. Consider: Would a social media post or a direct mail personalized note generate more business? Which would foster loyalty among your customers? Think about the ways in which your target market likes to engage with your company and build a strategy around that. And, if you’re unsure what your target market likes, ask them.

When it comes to developing your marketing strategy, create your own. Make it fit your company’s style, value, and vision. Because when you can successfully do that, you will capture the attention of your target market and build your business. 

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