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Using Print Marketing to Build Your Brand

July 8, 2019 by admin in Uncategorized

Using Print Marketing to Build Your Brand

With the popularity of online marketing, print marketing sometimes seems obsolete. However, print marketing puts your brand directly into the hands of potential customers. Therefore, print provides you the perfect opportunities to reinforce your brand with new and loyal customers.

Print marketing offers many different methods to help you get your brand out there which makes it difficult to pick a marketing strategy that generates the best return on investment for your company.

Print Marketing Ideas to Help You Build Your Brand:

Include your logo, a tagline, your company name, and other important identifying information for your business on all print marketing mediums to build recognition of your brand. 

  • Direct Mail: Use postcards or cards to send incentives to potential and loyal customers. This print marketing strategy increases the recognition of your brand through positive interactions with your company. Personalization of your direct mail to your customers increases company loyalty.
  • Packaging: Depending on the product or service your business offers, use printed materials such as incentive cards or stickers for a special added touch on your packaging. Your branding on these items is one more point of contact your customers will have with your brand with your product or service immediately in front of them. 
  • Special Products: Another way to incorporate your brand through print marketing is to create special products or gifts with your company logo included. Small gifts such as bookmarks, notepads, calendars, or something else that is relevant to your product or service is a small token of appreciation that also reinforces your brand. 
  • Thank You Notes: Appreciation goes a long way with new and long-time customers. Creating specialized thank you notes with your brand information and a personalized note and possibly an incentive for the next visit not only builds your brand recognition but also increases customer loyalty. 

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