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Use Holiday Cards to Generate Business this Season

October 17, 2019 by admin in Uncategorized

Use Holiday Cards to Generate Business this Season

The holiday season is quickly approaching which creates the perfect marketing strategy for your company to generate business through the use of holiday cards. 

Consider these reasons why a holiday card can help you generate business this season: 

  1. Reinforce Your Brand: Holiday cards that include your company name, logo, and contact information helps bring awareness and recognition to your brand. With your company’s brand directly put into the hand of consumers via a holiday card, it will allow clients to associate your brand as a company that truly cares. 
  2. Build Relationships: Sending your clients a piece of physical mail communicates that you go above and beyond to show your appreciation for their business. Take the opportunity to send a holiday card as a way to say “Thank You” for being a valued client this year. Doing so motivates your current–and even prospective–clients to become loyal customers.
  3. Show Your Love: Using a holiday card to garner attention and sales for your company is a fantastic marketing strategy, but it loses its appeal the minute your customers feel as though they are being “sold” to. Instead, show your gratefulness for your client’s business by offering an exclusive promotion–a gesture acts as a reward rather than a sales pitch.   
  4. Be a Problem Solver: Consider the fact that people purchase your products or services to solve a problem they are experiencing. Explain how your products and services will benefit them and incorporate this into your holiday card message. 
  5. Track Interest: Consider including a unique ID link or perhaps a QR code on your holiday card that directs clients to your landing page allowing them to interact with your company. This allows you to measure the success of this marketing strategy in a non-invasive way to your customers. 
  6. Think Outside the Box: A holiday card does not exclusively have to be sent specifically around New Year’s. Instead, consider sending a Halloween card or Thanksgiving card. Stand out even more when people aren’t expecting a holiday card like Valentine’s Day or Fourth of July. 

CPS can help you design and print your holiday card or set up your unique ID web link so you can show your appreciation and stand out among your clients. Contact us today!