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Tips for Direct Mail Tests

September 19, 2019 by admin in Uncategorized

Tips for Direct Mail Tests

The purpose of using direct mail marketing is, obviously, to generate leads and business. Therefore, it’s imperative to determine the success of your direct mail campaign and then make adjustments to capture the attention of and build your audience. 

Figure Out Your Purpose

Before testing, ask yourself: Why am I testing? What knowledge do I want to gain? What will I do with the results? Giving yourself a purpose for testing will inform how you conduct your direct mail tests. 

Test Your List

Send out an offer to test your list. Ensure that your direct mail is reaching the hands of your audience. Check the return rate to guarantee the addresses on your list are accurate. This will eliminate the cost of your campaign and establish a solid list. 

Furthermore, pay attention to whom you are sending direct mail. You may want to consider targeting your list to people who will truly benefit from your product or service. Consider the demographics and tighten your list to send your direct mail to those who could help you generate the biggest return. 

Test Your Offer

A great offer will speak to your audience. Therefore, a direct mail test with your offer as the variable can provide you a great data to inform you how your offer speaks to your audience. Are you giving them enough of a deal? Does a dollar amount rather than a percentage discount generate more conversions or vice versa? 

Test Your Call to Action

Was your call to action clear? Actionable? Did the design of your mailer make it clear what your audience should do? Did the call to action stand out? If the call to action falls flat, your direct mail campaign will surely NOT hit the mark. Therefore, it’s essential to test that your audience connects and responds to your call to action. 

At CPS, we can help you target and produce direct mailers that hit the mark with your audience. Contact us today!