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Spotlight: Steve Turner, Founder of CPS

February 25, 2019 by admin in Uncategorized

Spotlight: Steve Turner, Founder of CPS

Years ago Steve Turner had a vision: He wanted to create a company that transformed the relationship between the printer and the clients it served.

With a background in print manufacturing where he had experience throughout the production cycle and a desire to build a business for himself, Steve knew he wanted to start a business that focused on helping buy and manage printing needs more efficiently for companies and organizations.

His goal for the business was to find printing solutions that met the needs of the clients instead of simply continuing in print manufacturing where the task was always to make the clients’ needs constantly conform to the printer’s specific capabilities.

Thus, on February 15, 1980, he founded Creative Printing Services, Inc.

His mission was not merely a manufacturing printer and he wanted the company name to emphasize his goal. Therefore, Creative Printing Services–both in name and practice–was created to highlight that this company would work hard to come up with creative ways to service its clients’ printing needs.

It’s not only the company’s goal that has created a business that has now been going strong for 39 years, but it’s also Steve’s philosophy about how to successfully build relationships with clients. Doing business in accordance with “The Golden Rule” is what Steve attributes the company’s success. Steve says treating “our clients, production partners, and associates as we would like to be treated” has always been an important part of the way they do business. In fact, Steve believes that if everyone adhered more to The Golden Rule, we’d all be better off.

This business philosophy has enabled Steve to develop long-standing relationships with both clients and associates. He takes pride in his mentorship of associates whom he has helped grow and reach their full potential–often beyond what they ever imagined. As a result, Steve has had the satisfaction of having both clients and associates who were with him for more than 25 years.

Through all his experience, what advice would Steve give aspiring entrepreneurs? He says that in addition to watching your cash flow and margins and making every effort to “sell, sell, sell”, as an entrepreneur, you should “expect to spend a lot of time on non-income producing administrative activities” and that it’s important to “remember that you’re in it for the long haul, not a quick score.”

He also notes that it’s essential to maintain a positive perspective, stay humble, take every opportunity to learn, be adaptable, network, and, as a way to give back and share your knowledge, find someone to provide mentorship.

As a result of Steve’s investment in mentoring an associate who had been with him for nearly 25 years, Creative Printing Solutions continues to thrive. Steve continues to consult with Dwight who is now the president and owner of CPS.

Now, with CPS in good hands, Steve has started playing golf. He and his wife travel and spend time with their kids. They take great joy in their 18-month-old granddaughter and are excitedly awaiting the arrival of their grandson in early April.