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Three Simple, Cost-Effective Ways to Authentically Thank Your Customers

November 14, 2018 by admin in Featured

Three Simple, Cost-Effective Ways to Authentically Thank Your Customers

Think about this for a second: What is the best way to earn repeat customers?

Building a relationship with your current customers. While that seems simple, most companies do not take the time to authentically develop and foster those client relationships. However, doing so, makes your company stand out above the rest.

People yearn to feel appreciated and valued. When you show your recognition that your customers have a choice and are choosing to spend their hard-earned dollars on your product or service, you’re creating meaningful interactions with your customers rooted in authenticity. By doing so, your company stands out. As a result, people want to continue purchasing your product and service and supporting your company.

How do you create these meaningful interactions? A simple “Thank You” goes a long way.

Of course, you thank your customers at the point of sale, but do you take the time to thank them after the fact?

Use these Simple, Cost-Effective Ideas to Authentically Thank Your Customers:


  1. Thank You Note


Whether you send a note with the products purchased or mail a card after the services were rendered, this small gesture makes a huge difference in the eyes of customers. The extra effort goes a long way to build customer relationships and loyalty.

  • Mail a Thank You Note with Products: If you’re shipping items to a customer, including a thank you note can demonstrate your appreciation for their business. Using a thank you card personalized with your company information, your social media information, and/or contact information keeps your company information fresh in the minds of your customers. You can even consider handwriting a message specifically for the customer.
  • Send a Note at a Later Date: Sending a thank you note a week or two down the road, is an unexpected surprise for customers while bringing your company and services to the forefront of their minds. Again, a simple printed card personalized with your company information shows your appreciation and commitment to going the extra mile for your customers.
  1. Offer Discounts on Future Purchases

Another great way to show your appreciation of a customer’s business is to offer a discount for a future purchase. It allows them to enjoy your product or services while saving a bit of money, but it also encourages people to return to your company in the future. A card included with their purchase that communicates a discount as a token of your appreciation demonstrates your gratitude for their business.

  1. Loyalty Program

You can set up a loyalty program in a way that best fits your company. A loyalty program is an excellent way to encouraging and rewarding customers for their repeated business.

Gratitude goes a long way, and people respond when they feel appreciated. So, don’t miss your opportunity to stand out by investing in a simple, authentic act of showing your appreciation for your customers.

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