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Share the Love with Your Clients

February 25, 2019 by admin in Uncategorized

Share the Love with Your Clients

People love to know that you appreciate their business, and doing so is a sure fire way to get repeat customers. With it being the month of love, February is a perfect time to show a little extra appreciation to your clients!

Use these tips to show your clients a little extra love:

Send Special Coupons

Who doesn’t love a deal from a company you already give your business? Everyone loves a deal. Send your clients special coupons to show you appreciate their business. Make these special coupons enticing to draw business to your storefront or website. With these coupons, your customers get a deal, but you also get business when they use them.

Create a GIveaway

A fun way to show some appreciation to your customers is to create a drawing for a giveaway. You can base entries based on how much customers spend. For example, for every increment of $10 you can increase the number of entries. Of course, how you do this depends on your business model and the price of your product. Nevertheless, your giveaway needs to be something that makes people excited to enter like your top product or service.

Celebrate Loyalty

Building customer loyalty is easier when people are rewarded for giving you their business. You can design your customer loyalty program in a way that is unique to your business, but it is not something that should be overlooked. Your products and services are valuable to customers, but taking the opportunity to treat your customer to your product or service goes a long way.

Host an Appreciation Event

Invite your customers to a client appreciation event. Host an in-store event with some snacks for your special customers. Top off this event by offering them a special deal on your products or services. If your business is web-based, you can still host a client appreciation event, by sending them a special coupon and when they purchase something with that coupon you add a special surprise to their order as a token of your appreciation.

Most importantly, anything that makes your clients feel special and shows that you’re thankful for their business is a great way to show your love.

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