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Make Great Designs Even If You’re Not a Graphic Designer

February 25, 2019 by admin in Uncategorized

Make Great Designs Even If You’re Not a Graphic Designer

The graphics that help you create your brand are an important part of your marketing strategy. Many believe the myth that you need extravagant designs in order to draw clients to your business. That is really just not the case. You can make great designs that capture your brand and captivate your audience with fairly simple designs. So simple, in fact, that being someone who is not a graphic designer, could do your own design for your company.

1. Keep an Idea Book

One of the best ways to create engaging designs is to gather inspiration from the designs you love. Obviously, you want your designs to stand out and capture the attention of your audience. The designs that resonate with you are the types of designs that you want to use as inspiration for your own designs. Keeping an idea book allows you to use these to motivate and influence you when creativity eludes you.

2. Keep Things Simple

One of the biggest marketing mistakes non-graphic designers make is attempting to include too much on a single design. When it comes to design, simple is better. You want your designs to be clear and concise. Your audience should be able to know exactly what the purpose of your design is, and it should tell your audience exactly what they should do according to your marketing design.

Too much on a design is distracting; therefore, keep things simple. If you can follow this mantra as you design your marketing materials in relation to the fonts, graphics, and layout, you’ll be sure to create great designs that fulfill your purpose.

3. Don’t Overload Fonts

Using a variety of fonts can be fun, but, often, using too many is extremely distracting. For the viewer, too many fonts are over stimulating and make it difficult to pay attention to one thing. Therefore, for flawless, clear design, avoid using more than two fonts on a single design. Also, make sure the fonts are clear and easy to read because, of course, you don’t want your audience to struggle to decipher what the words say.

4. Graphics: Less is More

You can subscribe to sites that enable you to draw from a number of images at a cost. However, if you don’t have it in your budget to pay for images, you can still create great designs simply by using shapes to draw viewers’ attention to where you want it. Again, simple is better; therefore, you don’t have to use fancy images to create great designs.

However, the colors you use are important. You want to use colors to make everything legible and draws your audience’s attention where you want them to focus. Use an appealing color palette that not only captures the attention of viewers but also is visually pleasing, is one of the most important components of great design. Avoid colors that make the text hard to read or that are distracting.

5. Layout Matters

When it comes to the layout of your design, you again want to keep things simple. Avoid alignment that is distracting. Instead, ensure your alignment of the images and fonts lead the viewer’s eye to follow the message as you desire on the design.

6. Test Your Designs

Ask a critical eye to give you feedback. Have someone or a group of people look at your designs and provide feedback about the readability of the fonts, colors, and graphics. Also, have them give you feedback about the overall design. A great way to see if your design hits the mark is to ask those giving you feedback on what they believe the purpose of the design is and to measure if that aligns with your intended purpose.

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