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Last-Minute Gift Ideas to Show Your Appreciation for Your Clients

December 20, 2018 by admin in Uncategorized

Last-Minute Gift Ideas to Show Your Appreciation for Your Clients

In the midst of holiday chaos, your time and funds are constrained by so many other things, and, as a result, gifts for your clients may fall to the back burner.

Great news! It’s not too late. Even a small gesture or gift shows your appreciation and thoughtfulness, and the following last-minute gifts are sure to make a mark on the recipient.

When deciding what last-minute gift to send to your client to show your gratitude, think of what your client will enjoy. Then, make your choice accordingly.

Use these ideas to inspire your last-minute gift giving this holiday season:

A Donation in their Name

If you’re aware of a charity or organization that is meaningful to your client, a donation in their name is the perfect last minute gift idea. Many organizations will send a letter to the recipient informing him/her that a donation has been made in their name. However, a nice touch that demonstrates your thoughtfulness is to send a card to your client that explains why you made the donation in their name.

Some charities to consider are:

  • Hope International – Help others around the world in the name of your client.
  • Oxfam Unwrapped – Choose a gift to help someone in need in the name of one of your clients.
  • Pencils of Promise – Gift the gift of education to children around the world in your clients’ name.
  • World Wildlife Fund – Make a donation to the World Wildlife Fund while sending a fund gift to your client.

Framed Personalized Picture

Does your client have a saying he/she always says? Make a picture showcasing that quote or saying and frame it for your client. Add their logo to and company colors to the image. This is sure to be a gift that will stand out and demonstrate your gratitude and appreciation for that client. Creative Printing Services can help you design and print a picture that will make a lasting impression.

Gift Basket

This tried-and-true last minute gift idea is always a crowd pleaser. Consider a gift basket of something your client will enjoy. Some ideas include popcorn, cheese and crackers, and fruit baskets. This is something that your client can share with others in his/her workplace or family.

Gift Card

Gift cards are always a hit. Consider a gift card that your client will find useful. Your client’s favorite restaurant or an Amazon card are sure-fire ways to show your gratitude. Send a printed note along with the gift card to make a lasting impact.

A Simple Card

Even a simple card goes a long way. A handwritten, personalized card will not miss the mark if your purpose is to communicate your appreciation for your client. Consider stationery with your business logo to use to send to your clients.

CPS can help you design and print your last-minute holiday gifts and/or personalized cards that will make a lasting impact on your clients. Contact us today!