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Is Print the Missing Piece of Your 2019 Content Marketing Strategy?

January 25, 2019 by admin in Uncategorized

Is Print the Missing Piece of Your 2019 Content Marketing Strategy?

In this digital world, some people forget about the proven value of print marketing. Print marketing is not a thing of the past. Rather, print gets your brand directly into the hands of clients. And, because it’s not as common anymore, it catches the attention of your target market.

As you plan your content marketing strategy for 2019, ask yourself this question: Is print the missing piece of your 2019 content marketing strategy?

Three Reasons Print Marketing May Be the Missing Piece of your Marketing Strategy:

Versatility of Print Marketing: The beauty of print marketing is that the possibilities are as broad as your imagination. You can design whatever you want to reach your target market. You can print a brochure that tells of upcoming news–events or products–from your company. Or, you can send out a print postcard with a special coupon on it.

Significant Impact: As opposed to digital marketing, print marketing lasts longer and makes more of an impact on consumers because it’s tangible. Because of the popularity and ease of digital marketing, many consumers are more likely to click the trash button than open your digital content. Print marketing, on the other hand, stands out among consumers because it feels more meaningful and personal.

QR Codes: You can link your print and digital content marketing by placing a QR (Quick Read) code on print materials such as flyers, postcards, or brochures. To get clients to use the QR code you can offer a special coupon or another special offer exclusively for clients who connect using the code.

At CPS, we work with business owners to design and print materials for your print content marketing campaign. Contact us today and get print in your 2019 content marketing strategy and significantly boost your business!