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Holiday Buying Guide to Market Your Business

November 14, 2018 by admin in Featured

Holiday Buying Guide to Market Your Business

Are you using a Buying Guide to help your customers with the holidays? 

Holiday Buying Guides provide consumers with insight about the best products and/or services suggested by the companies or people they trust.

Many companies and blogs offer recommendations about their favorite products and services from a variety of different companies and provide valuable reviews to inform consumers of the benefits of the products or services.

These buying guides have become some of the most anticipated information of the season for consumers.

After all, what’s better than recommendations and reviews from people or companies you respect?

Can you create a Holiday Buying Guide for your own products or services? Yes! Doing so can help boost your sales this holiday season.

How to Use a Holiday Buying Guide to Market Your Business:

Spotlight Your Products/Services: Think about your best-selling products or services and the benefits of those services. Create a guide that introduces and focuses on those products and services.

Explain the Benefits: First, your Holiday Buying Guide will spotlight your products and services and explain how they will benefit your customers. How can it help solve a problem? Why would it be an excellent gift for a friend or family member? How can this product or service help customers as they make goals in the New Year? Consider adding reviews from customers who have used those products or services.

Market with Your Guide:

  • Market on Your Website: Draw people to your Holiday Buying Guide by making it a focal point on your website. Make it easy for people to purchase your products and services by linking directly to the purchasing page for each of your products or services.
  • Send an Email to Your Customers: Inform your existing customers about the exciting new Holiday Buying Guide via email. Encourage them to consider your products and services as gifts for others since they have already experienced the value themselves. Additionally, allow people to discover how products and services they haven’t yet tried can benefit them in the New Year.
  • Mail Your Holiday Buying Guide: Many companies look past the value of mailing a Holiday Buying Guide to their customers. Email is a great way to instantly get the information to consumers, but people are also bombarded by email advertising during the holiday season. Therefore, mailing your Holiday Buying Guide is a great way to stand out, get noticed, and boost your sales!

Reap the benefits of a Holiday Buying Guide for your products and services! Contact us today to see how CPS can help you design and print your Holiday Buying Guide to help you market your products and services this holiday season.