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February 13, 2020 by admin in Uncategorized


February–the month of love–is a great time to focus on others, show your love and appreciation for those close to you, and reach out to others who may be experiencing a time of need. 

At CPS, we love focusing on charities that have the mission to show love to others in unique, unexpected and necessary ways. 

One of our favorite charities is Alleluia Baskets. 

Can one really know the impact of a gift? 

Alleluia Baskets provides Easter baskets to children who would otherwise not receive one. They may live in a shelter or be experiencing a situation where the family needs assistance from a food pantry. Alleluia Baskets was created to remember those children on a special day, Easter, to celebrate new life and give hope to everyone.

Hundreds of volunteers have contributed items, filled and delivered 19,547 Easter baskets since 2004 to children in the bi-state area and two countries. To date, 19,437 Easter baskets were gifted.

In 2019, just a couple of days before Easter, a call came in from a single mom, financially struggling, requesting Easter baskets for her twin daughters. When the young girls arrived the next day with their mom, they shyly entered the Alleluia Baskets workshop. Within minutes the girls received their baskets. At that time, one of the daughters looked at the volunteer and said, “This made our Easter better.”

This touched the volunteer’s heart as she looked at the young girl with a smile and saw a tear in her eye. The emotions of joy and gratefulness swelled in the room. The volunteer was present for the first of many reactions to come. 

Alleluia Baskets operates year-round by networking, fundraising and collecting items to bring hope to thousands of families in the bi-state area while building a caring community. 

Would you like to help Alleluia Baskets change the world by helping children smile on Easter morning? Contact Karen Mesler, Founder, at or visit the website for an opportunity to donate at

Consider making a charitable donation to Alleluia Baskets this month to ensure more children can feel the love of others this coming Easter.