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Direct Mail vs. Email Marketing: Where Should You Focus Your Energy?

October 22, 2018 by admin in Uncategorized

Direct Mail vs. Email Marketing: Where Should You Focus Your Energy?

In an age that values instant gratification, it’s no doubt that email seems to have become the go-to choice of business owners. However, direct mail marketing can have a significant impact on consumers.

But, where should you focus your marketing energy?

Email Marketing


Fast, Inexpensive, and Convenient

There’s no doubt that email marketing is the quickest, most inexpensive choice. Delivery is almost instantaneous. You can simply set up your email, click a button, and it is delivered to your marketing base.

Easy Analysis

With the help of email marketing service providers, you can also receive analysis of your marketing campaign in real time. You immediately obtain feedback about open, bounced, and click through rates allowing you to adjust your campaign as needed.


Lack of Personalization

While email marketing can be quick and cost-effective, the lack of personalization in emails received by consumers has a great impact on the success of the marketing campaign. In this digital age, consumers are bombarded by marketing emails. They, therefore, hit the unsubscribe button more often than opening and clicking through on a marketing email, and some simply ignore these emails altogether.

Limited Design

Within an email campaign, you only have some much control over the design. With people using various devices to open digital content, you can never be certain that your email will look exactly as you intend. So, while email is easy and quick, you lose some of the control to ensure that your marketing campaign has the exact look that you want.  

Direct Mail Marketing



People still recognize the value of receiving a piece of mail rather than an email clouding up their inbox. People are checking their email in the midst of their busy days, while direct mail is received when they are taking the time to look through each piece of mail. Additionally, because direct mail is used less, consumers do not feel bombarded by it, and, as a result, direct mail is much more memorable.

Keeping Up with Technology

Direct mail does not mean you forego the ease of technology that is readily available to you. With direct mail, you can incorporate technology that will allow you to track the success of your campaign much as you would with email. Using a QR code to create traffic to your website allows you to incorporate the ease of technology while standing out with consumers.



Designing printed mail is much more involved than creating an email. As a business owner, you might not have the time or knowledge to create an effective design for printed material. Therefore, you may need to seek the expertise of a designer making it more time consuming than the point and click ease of an email campaign. However, you do have much more control over the finished product with a printed design.

Initial Investment

With a direct mail marketing, you are much more likely to spend more to initially get your campaign off the ground. You need to outsource to a designer and printer which costs more upfront than email. However, this is where you need to consider the return on investment with direct mail. Plus, Creative Printing Services offers you cost-effective, trustworthy assistance with design and printing to get your direct mail marketing campaign into the hands of consumers.

Consumers seem to be yearning for personalization and connection, and they will likely invest in your product or service when they feel you understand them. In an age where the amount of email consumers receive in a day is overwhelming, being a business who goes against the norm and takes the road less traveled with direct mail marketing.

Stand out in today’s marketing world! CPS will help you get your marketing campaign into the mailboxes of consumers. Contact us today.