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Testimonial: Improving Your Organization’s Performance

June 12, 2012 by admin in Featured, Testimonials

Testimonial: Improving Your Organization’s Performance

“When you mention using a broker to some business owners and managers, they assume that means that having a “middle man” will cost more. Well, here’s the truth of the matter. When you work directly with a printer, their rep who works with you is being commissioned on the sale. When you work with a broker, he is usually a “house” account with the printer, so instead of the commission being paid to their rep, that commission is earned by your broker. But here is the big difference: the broker is working for you, not for the printer. That means they are always looking out for your interests, while the printer’s rep is focused on keeping the presses running for his company.

Fortunately, in the world of printing there is a solution that can make a real difference. To produce this publication I use a tight-knit, very lean organization of mostly independent contractors. And what I have learned is the critical importance of being able to rely on an expert printing broker to handle that sizable part of my business. The operating knowledge they have of printing processes, vendors, papers, inks, job flow, as well as options to address functional needs, client desires, postal regulations and a lot more are critical to getting the job done right. And since I spend the bulk of my time with advertising clients, designers, writers and marketing planners, I would never be able to devote the time to learn, much less do the things that our printing broker organization does so well.

Our printing broker is a company called Creative Printing Services, which has been in business in St. Louis for over 30 years. To see how they may be able to help you with your printing, to get a second opinion on a project or outside expertise on a complex printing requirement, you can contact Bernie Zyk to review your needs. He can be reached at 314-863-4550 or by email at ….” –Todd Abrams, Publisher/Editor County Living Magazine

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