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Common Q & A

The Power of the Printed Image

In a world of first impressions, make your’s a positive and lasting one. The printed image is an idea made real and visible by color, form, and texture. Literally hundreds of variables are involved in each job, making it unique, and requiring unique solutions to create the final printed piece.

The right printer, the right paper choice, and the right designer mean getting the right message across that explains your idea and sells your product or service. It’s our job as professional printing buyers to find the best graphic arts vendors for your project. It’s what we do best, and it’s what we do for you every time, for every printing job. We help maximize the power of your printed image.

Since we provide a unique service within the graphic communications industry, there are a number of questions that prospective clients seem to ask us most often. We’ve taken this opportunity to address a few of the more common concerns you may have.

What are the advantages of using CPS?

We listen and focus on your graphic communications objectives and needs, developing recommendations based on our experience and knowledge of the industry to insure that all components of the job are produced cost-efficiently. Each printing project is ‘custom-made’ and is given the professional and expert attention it deserves, even when that means all-night press okays. We help you get the most for your printing dollars, so you can spend your valuable time more profitably, selling your product or managing your business.

Doesn’t CPS do the same thing that I do?

Think of CPS as an extension of your staff working to save you money and time. Because we work for you and not the printer, we eliminate the potential conflicts that can arise. We match each job’s requirements to the most appropriate of our virtually unlimited production resources, rather that altering your job to fit just one supplier’s equipment capabilities.

How is CPS different from other print brokers?

We do not consider ourselves typical printing brokers. There is a full support staff behind your CPS account executive, including a full-time production manager to keep track of all our work. We are a solid company, respected by our suppliers who recognize and value our expertise and clear financial record.

Am I paying more money for the use of a middleman?

As a professional print buying service that purchases a very large volume of printing yearly, we’re treated as a house account with our vendors, getting sizable price discounts that are passed on to you.

How can I justify using CPS?

It is our duty as professionals to short-stop problems, find the best vendors for your job and supervise quality from start to finish. We work to eliminate risk at every stage of production and insure that you receive quality printing, delivered on time and within budget.

Won’t I lose control of the job by giving it to CPS?

We encourage you to be as involved as you want or need to be. You are welcome to join us for on-press approvals of your job, but regardless, we press okay every complicated job we do, whether it is 2-color or 4-color process. We uncomplicate your printing project by communicating your standards and needs to the suppliers and by acting as your advocate, representing your interests with the vendors.

How do I know CPS has the know-how to back up what they say?

Founded over 25 years ago, we are a well-established company, whose staff
has nearly 150 years of combined commercial printing production and sales experience. The partnerships we have maintained with our clients have been earned by plenty of hard work, proven reliability and trustworthiness. We will be happy to provide you with a referral list.

How can CPS improve the cost-effectiveness of my printing job?

We’re a “one-stop printing resource” handling product collateral materials, brochures, point-of-purchase displays, annual reports, price lists, literally anything that involves ink on paper. CPS can drop ship or mail projects in a cost-efficient manner. We harness today’s complex and changing technology to bring you higher quality printing, faster and at lower prices. We have the proper resources for any job, bringing all necessary components together for the successful completion of your projects.

Isn’t it risky to use a service like CPS if I have a job that has several different components?

We place individual components of complex projects with the most appropriate resources, overseeing the job at all stages of production, without overloading any one vendor and jeopardizing the completion date or quality of the job. We apply our experience and know-how to communicate properly with the suppliers to reduce risk and insure success.

I like to get at least 2 or 3 bids from printers on my projects. Will CPS do the same?

Yes, we routinely request from 3 to 6 bids from qualified vendors on each project. We will be happy to provide you a bid summary and discuss the vendors we’ve solicited bids from and whom we recommend.

My company has used the same printer for years. Can I maintain that relationship if I use CPS?

We use many different resources and are happy to maintain any relationships you’ve established. The chances are good that your printer is already one of our many qualified resources. If not, they can be.

What will it cost me to try your services?

It doesn’t cost you anything except a few minutes of your time to receive a comprehensive review of your needs and our cost proposal. You have nothing to lose except the hassles, complications, and costs of a poor printing job.