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Bernie Zyk: Printing is in His Veins

March 14, 2019 by admin in Uncategorized

Bernie Zyk: Printing is in His Veins

After two decades of working with other large printers, when Steve Turner called with an invitation to partner with not only his business, Creative Printing Services, Inc., but also in a quest to put clients’ needs first, Bernie Zyk was eager to answer that call.

Bernie has had success of helping Fortune 500 clients who find value in the mission of the company to find solutions to meet the needs of their clients rather than the client having to forego their needs, to meet the needs of the printer.

Bernie remembers that working at CPS “was a refreshing experience” wherein “the client rules”–a vast contradiction to many other printer’s experience.  

Because of CPS’s unique mission, Bernie witnessed this mantra play out with success after success with his clients, and he knows how special that is.

Bernie’s father ran the pressroom of the largest printer in St. Louis, and, with the help of his father, Bernie secured various jobs in pressrooms of both large and small printers. Those jobs not only helped him pay for the cost of an undergraduate degree and an MBA, but also paved the way to help him better serve his clients down the road.

Needless to say, printing was in his veins.

Bernie’s understanding of the printing industry helped him build a career in the graphic arts. He believes it is essential for prospective printing professionals to familiarize themselves with how artwork is prepared and how digital press production and conventional offset printing is accomplished.

To this point, he advises that one should, “Know the field of printing processes by studying what is available online before you make a move to get involved in any aspect of this ever-evolving industry.  Then, talk with printing professionals personally to get their views and input concerning the industry.”

Bernie knows the importance of being able to adapt to this ever-changing industry; he saw it first-hand in his experience with Creative Printing Services. As typesetting disappeared as an industry with the advent of the computer and graphic design programs, other aspects of the graphic arts has become more efficient and cost effective.

Because of this experience, Bernie believes that product sales should be “concentrated on sales expertise and knowledge of how the industry works to deliver a quality product on time and on budget.”

For the future of the graphic arts industry, Bernie looks forward to the day that prepress programs are more operator friendly to enable designers to concentrate on creativity, rather than the program nuances and issues.  Digital press production is going to move into higher volume work, as the mechanics of those presses evolves economically.

While his free time is spent playing golf with his sons, doting on his grandchildren, and traveling, he believes those in the industry that will contribute to the value and success of converting the creative ideas of graphic designers to high quality press production, and, ultimately, will better serve the needs of clients and their budgets.

Other global changes he’d like to address? Bernie believes confronting the peace processes in our own country would heal some of the political divides, and would be beneficial throughout the world.

….and a Stanley Cup for the Blues would be nice!

Ultimately, he has seen firsthand the success of prioritizing other people’s needs in printing, and the same philosophy could be used to address issues locally and globally.