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Advertising Trends of 2020

January 24, 2020 by admin in Uncategorized

Advertising Trends of 2020

Happy New Year!

The new year equals new goals. And, as you’re thinking about ways to move your business forward, you’re likely considering your 2020 marketing strategy. 

Marketing and advertisements are often a bit overwhelming for business owners. What should your budget be? How should you focus your marketing efforts? It is difficult to figure out the best strategy to fit the needs of your business and organization.

Therefore, it’s beneficial to know advertising trends that will hold strong in 2020. 

As you develop your marketing strategy, consider these advertising trends:

Video Advertising

With the widespread access to mobile devices, it’s no doubt that video advertising hits the mark with consumers. Versatile and personable, video advertising allows businesses to connect directly with their consumers. Additionally, video advertisements can be uploaded on social media or your website to drive business. 

Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising speaks directly to the customer by personalizing the messaging in the advertisement. You can get to know your target market and what they want via customer surveys. Then, when you target your messaging, you will hook your audience and they will feel a real personal connection with your brand. Targeted advertising really captures the human experience, and helps you garner interest in your product or service. 

Social Media Based Advertising

With millions of people on all social media platforms, this is an obvious place to advertise your brand in 2020. You can advertise on social media through ads. Based on algorithms, social media ads will reach people within your target market. You’re able to target your ads to personalize the messaging to specific groups within your market. 

Additionally, by taking your business into the social media, you generate followers and interest in your brand. This method allows you to incorporate various types of advertising to connect with your customers. 

Print Advertising

This tried-and-true form of advertising is still maintaining its appeal in 2020. Often, consumers are overwhelmed, and even a bit annoyed at the constant barrage of digital advertising. Therefore, print advertising offers a welcomed respite. 

Print advertising gets your brand directly into the hands of the consumer. Plus, there are many options to create a superb customer experience via print advertising. Print advertising allows you to personalize your advertising, thank your customers, provide incentives for your new and loyal customers, and so much more.
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