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8 Ways to Show Your Customers Love

February 13, 2020 by admin in Uncategorized

8 Ways to Show Your Customers Love

Your customers are the heart of your business. After all, without them your business would not exist; therefore, February–the month of love–is the perfect opportunity to show your customers your love.

Use these ideas to show your customers love: 

  1. Send a Personalized Note

Take the time to write a handwritten, personalized note to your customers. In a digital age where communication is done instantaneously, this gesture is sure to resonate with your customers. They will feel valued because they know that you took the time to think of them personally. You will not only make them feel appreciated, but also build relationships to foster customer loyalty.

  1. Say Thank You

This may seem like a no-brainer, but simply saying thank you goes a long way. Say thank you at the point of sale, and take it a step further by sending a thank you a day or two after the purchase of your product or service. 

  1. Provide Incentives

Incentives are a great way to show some love to your customers. Send out incentives that motivate your customers to make purchases, such as a buy one get one, or a percentage off their purchase. Great incentives bring attention to your brand, they generate sales and foster loyalty from customers. 

  1. Check-In

What shows customers that you care more than making sure they are satisfied with their purchase? Check-in with recent customers to ensure your product or service is meeting their expectations. While an email is sufficient, taking the time to make a phone call to check-in creates a personalized experience that will make a significant impact on your customers. 

  1. Reward Loyalty

Repeat business and referrals drive your business; therefore, fostering customer loyalty is key. Create a loyalty program and provide incentives for referrals to help your customers earn rewards while being loyal to your brand. Offer exclusive rewards and discounts to your loyal customer base.

  1. Show Them You Understand

Nothing makes people feel more connected than being understood. Take the time to get to know your customers and accentuate your service toward giving them a one-of-a-kind experience. Ask questions, get to know their needs, and tailor your customer service to meet those needs. By doing so, you will create an experience they will not find elsewhere and likely establish the beginning of a long-lasting relationship.

  1. Ask for Feedback

Show your customers that you value their opinion by asking for feedback for their entire experience. Then, use their feedback to adjust your business practices. 

  1. Surprise Them

Nothing is more compelling and demonstrative of your appreciation than giving your customers an unexpected surprise. Something as simple as a freebie or a discount when they don’t expect it makes a huge impact on customer satisfaction. 

At CPS, we want to help you build your business by fostering relationships with your customers. Need print materials to show your customers some love? Contact us today to find out how we can help!