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5 Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Tradeshow or Conference

June 13, 2019 by admin in Uncategorized

5 Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Tradeshow or Conference

For many business owners, tradeshows or conferences are the necessary but dreadful components of the job. It can feel schmoozy and inauthentic.

However, it doesn’t have to be. Tradeshows and conferences are your chance to shine, and if you put the energy into preparing for the event, it’s sure to be a success.

Five ways to stand out at your next event:

1. Leverage Your Design
Obviously, in order to stand out, you can’t blend in. And, a common mistake at tradeshows or conferences is that every company’s design starts to blend together. Make your design something that captures people’s attention. Think bright colors and something interesting that causes people to stop and take a double-look.

2. Create a Great Display
Blah will not get you noticed. In fact, if your display is boring people become disinterested quick, even if you have cool things to show them as you converse with them. With a boring display, people will walk past fast. However, if your display is exciting and draws attention, people will want to stop and will invest much more time engaging with you and your brand.

3. Think Outside the Box
Is there something people can do at your booth to engage with your product or service? Maybe a survey or a quiz that shows them how your product would be useful to them? Could you do a demonstration using your product and service that will capture attention and get people to interact?

Anything outside of the box will draw in potential customers. And, this is the point of attending the tradeshow or conference. You want to highlight the value of your product or service by getting people interested in you and what you have to offer.

4. Engage Your Audience
Generate conversations and traffic before the event. Use social media platforms to engage with others who will be attending the event and seek feedback and suggestions from them. Figure out what they think the number one giveaway would be or ask them what catches their attention at large events. You can also motivate with incentives. Perhaps the winning idea gets a free product or service. Nevertheless, use these helpful ideas to create buzz and interest in your brand before the event even takes place.

5. Create a Unique Incentive
People love to win. Therefore, offer something that people can’t refuse. Go big. Make it something that people win if they purchase your product or service at your event and that keeps them engaged with your brand after the event.

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