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5 Steps to Creating a Marketing Strategy

August 3, 2019 by admin in Uncategorized

5 Steps to Creating a Marketing Strategy

The purpose of marketing is to create leads and generate growth to grow your business. Therefore, a marketing strategy is a must-have as you continue to build and grow your organization.

Where do you start? 

1. Set Goals and Budget

Where do you want your organization to be in a year? The first step to a successful marketing strategy is defining the goals. Secondly, set a budget that will help you attain the return you’re aiming to reach. 

2. Create a Plan

How will your marketing strategy help you reach those goals? Decide the type– blogs, direct mail, social media posts–of marketing that you will use create a release schedule for all of your content. As you plan the content, consider the types of marketing you will use to generate new leads and foster relationships with loyal customers. 

3. Stay Organized

Organization is essential to a successful marketing plan. As you plan your content, create a plan for when it will be released. Then backtrack to schedule all the steps required prior to the release date. For example, if you decide to send out a piece of direct mail with an incentive to your loyal customers around Thanksgiving, consider when you will need to have it designed, printed, and in the mail. For each step of your marketing plan, be sure you have it all organized so you can navigate your marketing strategy with ease. 

4. Know Your Audience/Prospects

A marketing strategy that incorporates content that doesn’t reach your target audience will fall flat. Therefore, it is critical that you know how your customers absorb content. As you develop your marketing strategy, be mindful of where and how your target market interacts with content. 

5. Foster Engagement

Furthermore, mix things up to capture the attention of a broader range of your target market to keep them engaged. Changing things up adds a small element of surprise that makes your audience take notice, and interact with your marketing. 

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