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5 Myths of Traditional Marketing

March 14, 2019 by admin in Uncategorized

5 Myths of Traditional Marketing

You may have heard it time and time again: Traditional marketing is dead and online marketing is all you need to promote your product or service. However, businesses are recognizing that this is a huge myth.

Here’s why:

Myth 1: Traditional Marketing is Less Effective than Online Marketing

While it is true that online marketing can be an effective way to reach consumers, it is also true that traditional marketing is just as effective at reaching a variety of consumers.

Sure, with online marketing, you can directly advertise to people in a specific target market, but it often misses the mark on people who are outliers of your perceived target market and could still make up a large portion of consumers that you may not have considered.

To effectively market your product or service, a combination of both online and traditional marketing is essential to maximize your marketing potential.

Myth 2: Traditional Marketing is a Waste of Money

Naysayers of traditional marketing will be quick to tell you that it is a waste of money. This is just simply not true. First, it ignores the fact that online marketing can sometimes be a waste of time or money. People are so used to seeing digital marketing via social media, websites, and email marketing campaigns that they are quick to ignore or delete them. Therefore, the resources put into those could also be considered a waste.

The truth is that you must be intentional about how you market in general. For some people in your target market, specific kinds of online marketing will hit the mark, and for others, traditional marketing will be what truly speaks to them.

Myth 3: Direct Mail is Out of Touch

Actually, the opposite is true. Direct mail is a marketing tool that can help your customers feel more in touch. You can utilize direct mail to personalize your marketing and build relationships with your client base. Direct mail is a great way to send personalized, even handwritten, messaging to your customers. What better way to make a customer feel special?

In fact, direct mail can be used to build customer loyalty by sending special promotions to your clients via direct mail. Personalized and hard to ignore–it’s sure to capture the attention of the recipient.

Myth 4: Traditional Marketing is Too Expensive

While it’s true that some forms of traditional marketing are more costly than online marketing, it would be a mistake to ignore the more affordable forms of traditional marketing altogether. In fact, direct mail and postcards are still an effective, affordable way to incorporate traditional marketing in your marketing plan.

Myth 5: Traditional Marketing Doesn’t Increase Sales

Marketing that does not convert to sales is not the fault of traditional marketing; instead, it’s likely a problem with the marketing itself. If your marketing is not converting, you may need to consider the problem with your marketing plan. Again, marketing is not a one size fits all. Much of it is dependent on your market and product of service. However, in order to convert marketing into sales, you must be intentional about how you market to your potential customers. A combination of traditional and online marketing and utilizing the types of marketing that will truly speak to people is the key to catching the attention of consumers.

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