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10 Things to Consider When Printing Shirts for Your Business

December 17, 2019 by admin in Uncategorized

10 Things to Consider When Printing Shirts for Your Business

Company shirts can be beneficial to establish your brand as well as a marketing strategy for your business. However, there are many things to consider before printing shirts for your business:

  1. Purpose: First, ask yourself: What is the purpose of the shirts? Will they be used as a uniform, giveaway, or other marketing purposes? Taking into account what the purpose of the shirts is will help you determine the quality and style of the shirt to purchase. 
  2. Who?: Think about the people who will be wearing the shirts. Will they be worn by employees or your customers? For example, if they are to be worn by your employees while they are working, you will want to choose a style of shirt that fits your company’s style and culture. Whereas, if they are to be worn by customers as a giveaway, you might be able to get away with a much more casual design. 
  3. How Often?: How often will the person be required to wear the shirt? If this is an everyday shirt that your employees will wear while working, you will want to ensure the quality will hold up against frequent laundering. 
  4. Conditions: Under what conditions will the shirt be worn? In an air-conditioned room? Outdoors? During the summer or winter months? You will want to choose an appropriate shirt for the conditions they will be worn in. For example, a long sleeve shirt might be out in the heat of the summer. 
  5. Comfort: If you are expecting the shirts to be worn on a regular basis, you will want to consider the comfort of the people wearing them. Is the material soft or scratchy? Is the material breathable? Will the person wearing the shirt feel confident in it? Consider a shirt that can be worn by many different body types. Additionally, women typically prefer female cut shirts. 
  6. Budget: Your budget is obviously important when choosing a shirt for your business. With all other considerations, pick a shirt that will serve its purpose while keeping the wearer comfortable in the intended conditions within the budget that you have set. Essentially, depending on the shirt’s purpose, you want the best quality that fits your budget. 
  7. Call-to-Action: Depending on the purpose of the shirt and when it will be worn, you may want to consider incorporating a call-to-action on the shirt. Something as simple as your business phone number will inform people about how to connect with your company.
  8. Design: Keep your design professional yet simple. It should be easy to read and understand what your company is (and the product or service you sell) when glancing at the shirt. Busy designs make it confusing and the viewer will quickly lose interest. Also, be sure the design aligns to your branding. 
  9. Colors: Choose colors that are consistent with your branding. Again, simplicity is key. Unless multiple colors are necessary, it is much better to keep colors within the same color family with one contrasting color.
  10. Printer: Your printer can help you design the image to go on the shirt to ensure your satisfaction. At CPS, we will always make sure you get the best quality at the best price.